twisty passages is a maze game for windows 8.1, and windows phone 8.1 as long as that’s a separate thing.  It’s a point-of-view maze experience: you see the walls, glimpses of other walls through openings, no landmarks but configuration. Claustrophobia. Hopefully.

twisty passages, in the phone store

twisty passages, in the windows store

This app has a long history for me.  I wrote a version of it the first time sometime in the 80s for a TRS-80 clone in, I think, Tiny Pascal, or possibly Forth, possibly both, or possibly (shudder) BASIC.  It stayed on that machine in the spare bedroom of a rented house in La Jolla while I learned other things, left teaching, and started the career, such as it’s been, that’s led me to this place and time.

Of course the original source code did not survive the years of moves and marriages and house fires.  So I started over in C# and XAML.  The original version just drew perspective lines for joining walls and floors, leaving holes for doors and more perspective through them.  This version does that too but adds a little color, an available top view, the ability to generate your own maze, and a way to mark the halls to know where you’ve been already.

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